Sustainable Nutrition Portfolio

Accelerating a Commercially Viable, Scalable Route to Sustainable Nutrition to Enhance the Future of Food

Currently, one-third of consumers are choosing to actively reduce their meat and dairy consumption and seeking protein substitutes driven by health and environmental concerns. This has accelerated the success of the plant-based industry. However, this space still faces complex issues, from the nutritional profile of formulations to the sustainability of ingredients and production processes.

As considerable market share is still to be gained, come together on this exciting time for the community to discuss key challenges and opportunities in the successful commercialization of technological innovations to enable sustainable nutrition.

Our Mission

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Encouraging the development of novel ingredients to ensure a healthier and more sustainable future for the food supply chain, as a rising global population increases the demand for food

Promoting the advancement of next-generation tools to allow for diversification in alternative protein sources, with technology firmly at the forefront of this innovation

Supporting collaboration to accelerate the resolution of some of the world's most pressing ecological and human health challenges

Accelerating innovation to reduce environmental impacts whilst optimizing health and nutritional outcomes

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