Hyperspeed Evolution to Unlock Suspension Cell Lines & Bring Cultivated Meat & Seafood to the Masses

Time: 9:55 am
day: Day Two


The challenge of developing well-behaved, scalable cell lines that can grow in the rigors of industrial production is a major risk for the cultured meat industry.
We know very little about mechanisms involved in changing cells that have evolved to grow in the context of a tissue to grow in fermentation tanks.
Our platform accelerates evolution by screening cell-lines at hyper-throughput. We measure the effect of billions of mutations in a day to find cell lines that display
traits they need for production: we evolve them to a process, rather than trying to adapt a process to a cell line.
In a matter of weeks we are able to evolve multiple lineages displaying economically important traits, like high density suspension growth. We do this with no a priori mechanistic hypothesis or genetic modification.