About Event

The Sustainable Future series is focused on the latest advancements and innovations in building a more sustainable future for ecological and human health. Having held the Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit for the past three years, we’re excited to return for the 4th year running in San Francisco. With current regulations anticipated to change soon, and even more Food Techs producing products to scale, this year we will focus on building an optimized and scalable process, ready for commercial opportunities and growth.

With insights gained through speaking to over 20 industry leaders on the current challenges in cultivated meats & seafood, we will be highlighting the most significant topics in the field over the 2 day event. Through looking at the importance of scaling-up, building consumer acceptance, creating partnerships at different stages, and evaluating hybrid product opportunities, we will equip you with the most important information in the cultivated space today.

This is your chance to connect with 80+ people, in person in San Francisco, to unite with the leaders in cellular agriculture and learn from the latest innovations on how to build a high value, functional, and commercially viable cultivated meat or seafood, as well as establish long lasting connections to grow your commercial opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

Types of Companies Attending