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Welcome to the 6th Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit!

Amidst a challenging investment landscape, technical and regulatory breakthroughs have emerged as green shots of hope: Vital Meat submitted its pre-market dossier in Singapore and CellX unveiled its pilot facility. Now is the time for senior stakeholders to unite to share technical insights and case studies to reflect on recent successes and collectivize as your industry enters a critical consolidation phase.

This summit is a candid forum that “brings together the truly influential players in the field”, uniting CEOs, CSOs, CTOs, COOs, Vice Presidents of R&D, Strategic Partnerships, Regulatory Affairs, investors, and Heads of Innovation at CPGs, ingredient providers, and incumbents to share scientific updates and facilitate strategic partnerships.

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Discover how to build a runway for strategic partnerships with incumbents and biopharma to scale effectively and increase global biomanufacturing capacity with Umami Bioworks and Jellatech

Navigate the political challenges and variable global regulatory landscape to optimize go-tomarket strategy and enhance industry collaboration with the FDA, Vital Meat and Tissen Biofarm

Examine supply chains and breaking ground on greenfield manufacturing sites to globalize the cultivated industry with CellX and Newform Foods

Collaborate with investors in an authentic problem solving breakfast, bespoke for C-Suite leaders and equivalent strategic executives with Big Idea Ventures, Green Circle Capital Food Tech Ventures, Newtree Impact, McWin Capital Partners, EcoTech Capital

Gain technical insight into scientific developments from cell line development to bioprocess to enhance scalability with cost parity with Clever Carnivore and Avant Meats

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"Brings together the truly influential players in the field of cultivated meat and seafood; I left feeling like I had the latest developments in the field. The intimate atmosphere allows for good networking opportunities."

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

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"The talks were informative and the speakers were honest and sharing. The speed networking allows meeting people easily and develop good connections."

Chief Technology Officer

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