8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Hybrid Product Opportunities

8:10 am Case “Sensational” Study: Creating a Unique Sensory Platform to Inform a Hybrid Approach to Products That Consumers Will Enjoy

8:50 am Cultivated Fat + Plant Protein, Exploring Creative Solutions to Market

Increasing Supply Chain Stability

9:30 am Audience Discussion: Evolving the Supply Chain to Build Stability for Firms Seeking Investment


  • Assessing the highest supply chain risks faced throughout cultivated products timelines.
  • Evaluating how long-term goals can be met through looking at your individual supply chain from beginning to end.
  • Identifying the gaps in the current supply chain to evaluate where new players can join to help industry development.

10:10 am

Morning Refreshments

10:40 am Building a Business Model With Future Funding Opportunities in Mind


  • Exploring the current investment trends and increases into the industry.
  •  Analyzing how companies have gained large scale investment and how they made themselves attractive to investors.
  • Creating a business model that highlights investors priorities and secures partners.

Improving Cross-Industry Communication

11:20 am Audience Discussion: Assessing How Governments & Agencies Can Do More to Accelerate Industry Development & Improve Consumer Accessibility


  •  Overviewing the current subsidies provided to the meat and seafood industries and how this could increase market accessibility for cultivated foods.
  • Exploring how to more effectively educate government bodies on the principles of cultivated food to generate greater awareness of the industry potential.
  • Formulating suggestions on how governments can help facilitate this move to cultivated product commercialization for their own economic benefit.

12:00 pm

Lunch Break

1:00 pm Building a Partnership Between Food Tech & Food Retail to Kickstart Commercial Success & Improve Consumer Choice


  • Looking at what options are currently available for different types of partnerships between the retail market and food tech producers.
  • Knowing what is driving the desire for cultivated products from mainstream food retail and how food techs can work to meet this demand.
  • Exploring how to strengthen this partnership to bring accessible cultivated meats and seafood choices to the mainstream marketplace.

The Future of the Cultivated Meat & Seafood Industry

1:40 pm A SEA (OF) CHANGE – Unpacking the journey to being the world’s first company to develop cultivated crustaceans and building a future-proof food system


  • Discussing the impact of sustainable food choices and the rise of the eco-conscious consumer.
  • Examining what makes Southeast Asia (SEA) agile in terms of introduction, adoption, and development of cultivated seafood and meat.
  • Assessing what it will take to widen the footprint in Asia from scientific collaboration, investment, and talent points of view.

2:20 pm Audience Discussion: Advancing the Cultivated Meat & Seafood Industry to Accelerate Commercial Success


  • Discussing how the different industry players in cultivated meats & seafood can enhance collaboration to work towards building the field ready for commercialization.
  • Discovering ways to increased innovation in the cultivated product creation to overcome current challenges and create more successful end products.
  • Focusing on what is most important to consider and work towards in the near future to prioritize bringing the cultivated industry to light in a potentially changing regulatory environment

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:10 pm End of Conference