Samet Yildirim

Samet Yildirim

Company: Orbillion Bio

Job title: Chief Operations Officer & Founder


Panel Discussion: Making Cultivated Meat & Seafood a Commercial Reality 2:45 pm

Beyond technical scaling challenges, what are the main bottlenecks for the widespread commercialization of cultivated products? Which go-to-market strategies are most promising? Will the industry ever be prepared to meet the potential demand?Read more

day: Conference Day Two

Industry Leaders’ Panel Discussion: The Promises & Challenges of Commercially Viable Cultivated Meat & Seafood 9:45 am

What are the lesson learned from successes in industry scaling milestones? Identifying the biggest bottlenecks to scaling and aligning stakeholders on realistic development timelines and solutions Mapping out the strategy on the road to 2030: technological development, business models, and investment collaborationRead more

day: Conference Day One

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