Conference Day One
Tuesday, August 27

7:30 am Check-In & Breakfast


Designed exclusively for those from a food/beverage biotech, CPG, ingredient company, or incumbent and work at the C-Suite or President level. If you have any questions on your eligibility, please reach out after registration.

7:45 am
Executive Breakfast Deep Dive: Investment Focus


Rebuilding Collaborative Relationships with Investors & Improving Clarity on Development Timelines

It’s no secret that investors have tightened their wallets awaiting proof of scalability and commercial

viability, leaving food tech companies to navigate a dried-up investment landscape. Bespoke for C-Suite

leaders and equivalent strategic executives, and included in your pass, this is an opportunity to

collaborate and participate in authentic problem solving through discussions with investors:

  • Kick off with an elevator pitch of your innovation to familiarize yourself with the group and get a head-start on the networking
  • Discuss how to identify key markets and how technical development lays the foundation for agility in go-to market strategies
  • Be part of the solution to close the disconnect between investors and food techs and create a vision for the investment landscape

8:30 am Check-In & Light Breakfast

9:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Laine Clark Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, Innovation, The Good Food Institute

How Far Can We Go? Reflecting on 10+ Years of Cultivated Meat & Seafood Development & the Road to 2030

9:45 am Industry Leaders’ Panel Discussion: The Promises & Challenges of Commercially Viable Cultivated Meat & Seafood


  • What are the lesson learned from successes in industry scaling milestones?
  • Identifying the biggest bottlenecks to scaling and aligning stakeholders on realistic development timelines and solutions
  • Mapping out the strategy on the road to 2030: technological development, business models, and investment collaboration

10:45 am Designing a Time Efficient, End-to-End Scalable Cultivated Production Process with Cost Parity

  • Kaitlin Grady Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Affairs, Clever Carnivore


  • Sharing a case study on the development taking a cultivated process from R&D to commercial proof of concept
  • Future-proofing the scale-up process with robust R&D
  • Where does the scale-up journey go from here?

11:15 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


Our famous speed networking is the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face time with many of the brightest minds working in cultivated meat and seafood and introduce yourself to the attendees you would like to have more in-depth conversations with. Benchmark against industry leaders and establish meaningful business relationships to pursue for the rest of the conference and beyond.

Spotlighting Media Development & Financial Modelling for Scalability, Quality, & Taste

12:15 pm Implementing Novel Strategies to Reduce Media Costs Ethically

  • Mario Chin Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Avant Meats


  • Breaking down the key components of media to support cell culture proliferations
  • Sharing progress on novel technologies to transition away from FBS
  • Ensuring the scalability of novel media

12:45 pm Virtual: Using Data & Effective Techno-Economic Modelling to Inform Strategic Decisions

  • Josh Tetrick Co- Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eat Just Inc.


  • Examining how market data can inform new product development
  • Assessing best practices for simulating how inputs affect outputs to guide scaling decisions
  • To what extent should we be behaving like big food when scaling, and where do we diverge?

1:15 pm Networking Lunch

Aligning on Scaling Timelines & Enhancing Synergy Between Strategic & Technical Teams to Accelerate Development

2:15 pm Fireside Chat: Forget Hyped Investor Pitches, What is a Realistic Timeline for Scaling?


  • Reflecting on the catalog of projected scaling timelines that have not yet been realised
  • Aligning industry stakeholders on viable scaling milestones for novel cultivation processes
  • Learning from the plant-based category: how to avoid launching products that are not fully ready and then having to re-develop products and processes

3:00 pm Roundtable Discussion: Improving Internal Clarity & Communication on Funding & Strategic Decisions

  • Mihir Pershad Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Umami Bioworks


  • Maximizing alignment between strategic decision making and those executing the technical development
  • Driving buy-in across the company throughout the scaling journey
  • Remaining candid about the state of play of your company and how it can impact your people

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Laine Clark Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, Innovation, The Good Food Institute

4:00 pm End of Conference Day One