8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Meeting Consumer Demands

8:10 am Evaluating Current Consumer Trends in Meat & Seafood to Create a Competitive Alternative


  • Focusing on current consumer trends in the meat and plant-based industries to evaluate what different consumers are demanding in product choice.
  • Translating consumer trends into the product creation stage for different physical and nutritional functionalities.
  • Examining what the most important factors are in a product from a consumer’s perspective, such as sustainability and nutritional density to reflect the right features in product positioning.

8:50 am Starting to Explore the Future Packaging & Branding of Cultivated Products to be Attractive to the New Consumer Market


  • Selecting the appropriate expertise to support the creation of a focused branding strategy.
  • Looking at the importance of conducting market research to apply this to early-stage decisions in packaging designs.
  • Examining the right language to use to communicate the purpose and benefits of your product to the consumer.

9:30 am Panel: Creating Consistency in the Language Used Across the Industry to Talk About Cultivated Meat & Seafood


  • Discussing the variety of language used in the cultivated meat and seafood industry and why this is causing resistance.
  • Learning what can be changed in the language used to facilitate greater mainstream consumer acceptance.
  • Improving industry standards for communication to create a consistent language and help reduce consumer confusion around cultivated products.

Structured Networking & Morning Refreshments

Process Optimization

10:50 am Panel: Evaluating Different Options for Partnerships & External Suppliers to Reduce Overall Production Costs


  • Inspecting where the highest expenditure is in formulation and processing to see where partnerships would be most beneficial.
  • Evaluating the different partnerships being established between cultivated protein companies and biotech’s to reduce production costs.
  • Assessing whether external partnerships and suppliers would be beneficial to you: How do you select the right partner to meet your goals?

11:30 am Building a Sustainable Future: Seaweed as a Cellular Agriculture Platform


  • The most abundant resource on the Earth, algae, was never a superstar as food source.
  • Macro-algae and micro-algae has high light energy to organic mass transfer ratio to make alternative protein, the cultured meat.
  • SeaWith is suggesting the algae as a sustainable cell-agriculture platform.

12:10 pm Audience Discussion: Utilizing Machine Learning to Identify Opportunities for Process Optimization


  • Understanding how machine learning can be adopted as part of your research and development plan.
  • Solving the knowledge gaps in biological systems through looking at other tools to help model more accurately.
  • Harnessing insights from production modeling to inform process optimizations: Where can the most impactful optimizations be realized?

12:50 pm

Lunch Break


1:50 pm Discussing the Ways to Accelerate Fish Cell Multiplication for Downstream Use in Structured Tissue Processes

  • Duong Nguyen Associate Director of Research & Process Innovation, Bluu Seafood


  • Discussing the basic principles to consider for successful cell multiplication.
  • Looking at the different characteristics of fish cells when they are proliferating.
  • Evaluating the challenges of taking undifferentiated cells towards differentiation and into a muscle tissue structure.

2:30 pm Case Study: Developing a Cell Line with the Potential for Industrial Scale Application


  • Understanding the principles to consider when developing a cell line that can be scaled: What are the common hurdles faced by leading players?
  • Exploring ways to create a more reliable method for cell line development that will yield the same results when continuously produced at a large scale.
  • Assessing what needs to change to ensure this can be replicated for continued growth in industrial level production.

3:10 pm Case Study: Developing & Opening Our Pilot Plant to Fast-Track Scale- Up & Commercialization


  • Exploring the benefits of building our own pilot plant and how well these have been realized.
  • Analyzing the A-Z process of planning and launching our first pilot plant: What were the challenges along the way and how did we overcome them?
  •  Revealing the progress that had been made since opening our own pilot plant and how this has impacted our path to commercialization

3:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:00 pm End of Day One