8:00 am Coffee & Registration

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Emma Lewis Chief commercial and product officer, Ivy Farm Technologies

Optimizing the Bioprocess to Accelerate the Development of Cultivated Products

9:00 am Optimizing Cultivated Seafood Biomanufacturing With Machine Learning


  • Identifying the limitations of current methods for bioprocess scale-up, especially when applied to cultivated fish Exploring how we leverage machine learning to accelerate process development and optimization
  • Benchmarking how these machine learning approaches can be applied to enable model-based process control for manufacturing

9:30 am Unlocking the Potential of Cultivated Meat: A Comprehensive Cost Analysis for Achieving Commercial Viability

  • Ido Savir Chief Executive Officer, SuperMeat


  • Demonstrating data driven case studies how to achieve commercial viability in terms of cost and capacity
  • Addressing challenges and solutions faced at each stage of the bioprocess to achieve industrialization of cultivated products
  • Highlighting key measures of viability throughout the process including densities, nutritional profiling and scaling

10:00 am Developing Food-Grade Media for Cell-Cultured Seafood


  • Understanding metabolic pathways that impact proliferation of fish cells and the benchmark effective media
  • Evaluating food-grade alternative solutions to cell culture media and their impacts towards cost-effective scalable process
  • Exploring industrial options that could impact cost of cell culture media

10:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking

Working Towards an Economical Streamline Scale Up Process to Improve Market Potential

11:30 am 0 to 2000L at Vow-speed: A Scale-Up Case Study


  • Challenging the current timeline & capex assumptions to advance the scale-up process
  • Leveraging parallelizing and learning through failure
  • Identifying the advantages of flying blind and deleting the unnecessary

12:00 pm Developing the next generation of robust and scalable cell lines with hyperspeed evolution


  • Making cultivated meat a reality requires the industry to have access to robust cell lines that can grow reliably at large industrial scale
  • Developing a library of cell lines to do just that. Using our platform, we can screen 10s of millions of cell lines in a fraction of the time traditional of plate screening – effectively running evolution at hyperspeed
  • Changing growth phenotypes like suspension and cell density, without relying on genetic editing.

12:15 pm How do they do it : Learnings from Scale Up Success Stories


  • What does scaling-up mean for a Food-tech start-up?
  • What can (and will) go wrong?
  • What’s key for success?

12:45 pm Lunch & Networking

1:45 pm Harnessing Techno-Economic Modelling to Inform Smart Scale-Up Decisions


  • Modeling cell growth characteristics, cell density limitations, and capital costs to understand scale-up costs
  • Understanding unit economics and CapEx to guide scale-up process steps
  • Underpinning the importance of the appropriate calculations/economic modeling to translate benchtop processes to scale up

2:15 pm “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”, & It Takes An Ecosystem to Build An Industry


  • Collaboration and ecosystem building are crucial for the success of the fermentation- and cell-based alternative food protein industry
  • Achieving commercial-scale production is essential to realize the environmental, animal welfare, and health benefits of alternative proteins
  • Building alliances with supply chain partners, understanding existing nutrient supply chains, and making sustainable choices are necessary for long-term profitability and industry sustainability

2:45 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session

Money, Money, Money – Balancing Technical Expertise & Funding to Turbocharge Cultivated Products to the Market

3:15 pm Panel Discussion: Benchmarking Key Milestones to Establish Confident Relationships With Investors


  • Reaffirming expectations of investors and aligning them with the technical reality to build reliable partnerships
  • Rethinking the current financial models to establish realistic timelines for commercial partnerships
  • Understanding how to optimize business models to continue to raise funds in the current climate (integration vs pick and shovel companies)

4:00 pm Investor Insights: Understanding the Funding Landscape & How to Capitalize on It


  • What are the required milestones and key performance indicators to obtain funding?
  • What is the current venture capitalist perception of investing in this market?
  • What are the white spaces that would support funding relationships?

4:30 pm Roundtable Discussion: How to Navigate Industrializing Processes in the Current Economic Climate

  • Mihir Pershad Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Umami Meats


Join in problem solving discussions on the following topics:

  • Creative approaches to reducing the cost of the bioprocess
  • Ensuring harmony across the industry to prevent under delivery to investors
  • Understanding the economic impact on the pace of growth in the cultivated space
  • Growing industry production of these foods at a cost that’s going to allow consumers to have access
  • What to do if funds cannot be raised

5:00 pm Close of Conference Day 1 & Hanson Wade Drinks Reception