Conference Day Two
Wednesday, August 28

8:30 am Check-In & Light Breakfast

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Laine Clark Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, Innovation, The Good Food Institute

Navigating Rapidly Evolving International Regulatory Frameworks to Accelerate Speed-to-Market

9:30 am Presentation From the FDA on Submission Guidance & Q&A

  • Stiffy Hice Program Lead, United States Food & Drug Administration

10:00 am Navigating a Varied International Regulatory Landscape to Build an Effective Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Yeonjoo La Chief Strategy Officer, Tissen Biofarm


  • Contrasting different standards of international regulatory bodies
  • Working within these frameworks to help validate different markets
  • Ensuring data collection is compatible for different markets

10:30 am Session Reserved for Intertek Assuris

10:45 am Developing Scalable Analytics to Meet Cell-Based Food Safety Standards


  • Validating the safety of the bioprocess and the final ingredient
  • Understanding the key food safety parameters that must be met and how they compare with traditional agriculture
  • Assessing the impact of latterly changing your process and formulation on the regulatory process

11:15 am Morning Networking Break

Examining Facility Design & Capex Decisions to Warrant Investment

12:15 pm Building Partnerships to Ensure Visibility Across the Supply Chain for Quality Control

  • Ziliang Yang Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CellX


  • Validating external partnerships and having security in the origin of ingredients
  • Ensuring ingredients are fit for purpose and food-grade
  • Identifying and validating partners early in the development process to foster positive relationships

12:45 pm Crunching the Numbers & Assessing the Technical Viability of Building Greenfield Manufacturing Sites


  • Discussing whether building proprietary facilities is the most cost-effective strategy to scale
  • Understanding when to consolidate existing manufacturing capacity for proof-of-concept
  • Will your own production sites ever have the capacity to be able to meet commercial demand profitably?

1:15 pm Networking Lunch

2:15 pm Rethinking Cultivated Meat: Imitation vs Innovation


  • Identifying consumer behavior
  • Is scaling really what’s holding us back?
  • Looking ahead to the next ten years: a new category of food

2:45 pm Panel Discussion: Making Cultivated Meat & Seafood a Commercial Reality


  • Beyond technical scaling challenges, what are the main bottlenecks for the widespread commercialization of cultivated products?
  • Which go-to-market strategies are most promising?
  • Will the industry ever be prepared to meet the potential demand?

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Laine Clark Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, Innovation, The Good Food Institute

4:00 pm End of Conference Day Two